About us

KABAN+ (Kaban plus) is a sustainable collection of reworked & reimagined vintage.

Designer and maker Yoshi is leading the charge in this personalized and expressive approach to design, as each piece is meant to give empowerment to the wearer to style it in whatever fashion they see fit.
Yoshi studied graphic design in Osaka, Japan, worked as a print textile designer, and had the opportunity to move to the US in the mid-'80s. She has been part of the apparel industry for over 35 years here in the USA and Japan.
Yoshi admires American culture and is inspired by its music, cinema, and fashion. She started Kaban+ 2015 to share her fashion sensibility with people who also value the one-of-a-kind and are attracted to her mash-up of American and Japanese materials and techniques. She is sensitive to the idea of sustainability in fashion and uses vintage and discarded source materials while imbuing them with new life. She works with classic denim, khaki, military surplus and vintage linen, old kimono, boro techniques, and found embroidery lace, transforming tablecloths into dresses, belts into purse straps, wildly torn denim into desirable treasures, and salvaged tees into whimsical handsewn collages.